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How to choose supermarket shelves

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When choosing supermarket shelves, first consider the load-bearing problem. Do not choose single-point load-bearing shelves. Choose flat-lay load shelves. When purchasing, choose the appropriate length of the laminate according to the needs of use, and the shape, color and style. It should also be matched with the decoration of the supermarket, and single-sided or double-sided shelves should be selected according to the actual situation of the supermarket. In addition to paying attention to the applicability of shelves, what are the precautions for purchasing supermarket shelves?
1. Pay attention to whether it is an environmentally friendly material
When purchasing supermarket shelves, the first thing to consider is whether the materials are environmentally friendly. This is the top priority. Be sure to choose a formaldehyde-free material that does not release toxic and harmful substances such as benzene or formaldehyde.
2. Whether the supermarket shelf is corrosion-resistant
Due to the large passenger flow of convenience stores, customers will often come into contact with the shelves, such as sweat stains on their hands, which may have a certain impact on the supermarket shelves, so be sure to choose first-class supermarket shelves with strong anti-rust function and corrosion resistance. Increase its service life.
3. Pay attention to the material and load-bearing of supermarket shelves
It is very important to buy a supermarket shelf to pay attention to whether its structure is scientific, whether the material meets the requirements, and choose thick materials, strong load-bearing, safe and firm materials.
4. The aesthetics of supermarket shelves
Supermarket shelves need to choose color matching and coordinated shelves according to the decoration design renderings of the supermarket, in order to give people a beautiful and harmonious feeling, and generate the desire to shop.
5. Pay attention to after-sales
No matter which type of supermarket shelf you buy, you need to pay attention to its after-sales quality. Choose high-quality and good-quality products produced by regular supermarket shelf manufacturers. When buying, you can see whether the supermarket shelf manufacturer has perfect quality guarantee strength and after-sales service system.


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