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How to choose a suitable shelf for a warehouse with a height of 8m?

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Storage shelves are indispensable equipment for goods storage. In order to save warehouse rent, some companies will lease some high-height warehouses, customize high-level shelves to store more goods, and save warehouse operating costs. Which high shelf is suitable for the 8-meter-high warehouse?

There are many types of storage racks, the common ones are corridor racks, pallet racks, double depth racks, narrow aisle racks, shuttle racks and automated warehouses. These types of high-level shelves can be designed to a height of more than 8 meters, increasing the cargo capacity of the warehouse. How to choose from so many types?

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According to the needs of different customers, we suggest to consider these aspects, firstly the storage capacity of the goods, secondly the storage density, as well as the storage and retrieval methods and budget. If there are many types of goods and the specifications are not uniform, you can consider using pallet racks for storage. If the specifications are unified and the category is single, you can consider the use of corridor-type shelves for storage. If you want to achieve automated storage and retrieval of goods, you can consider using shuttle racks and automated warehouses, but the price will be higher than the previous non-automatic racks.

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