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How to choose a cashier in a convenience store

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1. The size of the cashier

The current cashier is usually in the form of combination, which is used by one set of main cabinets and several sets of payment cabinets, which is convenient for transportation and installation and can flexibly change the overall size of the cashier. And if the convenience store is larger, it can also be equipped with corner cabinets and side cabinets to form a corner cashier.

2. The color of the cashier

The choice of the color of the cashier is not recommended to be too public, otherwise it will appear very abrupt. Customers can also customize their own cashier styles and colors according to the overall style and positioning of their storefronts.

3. The countertop of the cash register

The material used for the cashier countertop is a more environmentally friendly and durable high-density environmental protection board, which not only guarantees beauty and practicality, but also has a very good load-bearing performance. Of course, you can also choose materials such as marble to make the cashier countertop, but the price will be relatively high, and it needs to be customized, so the production cycle will be slightly longer.

4. The material of the cash register

The cash register material can be made of high-quality cold-rolled steel. Compared with wood, the service life and load-bearing performance are stronger. Moreover, the cold-rolled steel cash register is more convenient for transportation and installation. If it is a wooden cash register, it often needs to be customized and professionally installed.


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