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How should the fruit and vegetable racks be arranged and maintained?

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According to the dimensions of the store, a reasonable layout is the key to the profitability of the fruit store. Generally, the fruit and vegetable racks selected against the wall are mainly single-sided, the number of layers is preferably 2-4 layers, and the fruits are mainly high-end fruits with high profits; while the center of the store is mainly double-sided shelves, with fruit piles. , The fruit types are mainly cheap and affordable popular fruits, which is the key to attracting customers. For the selection of fruit and vegetable racks, the following 3 points should be paid attention to:
1. Good waterproof performance. To keep the fruit fresh, it needs frequent watering, and if it is a wooden shelf, it will rot.
2. The fruit is easy to be bruised, and the shelf for holding the fruit should not have edges and corners.
3. The edge of the fruit should not be too high, and the height should be just enough to hold the next layer of apples.

Fruit and vegetable racks are generally made of steel. When freshly stocking or adding new fruits and vegetables, wipe the fruit tray or turnover box with a clean cloth dampened with water. The vegetable and fruit racks are steel-wood style, made of high-quality fir, and treated with high-temperature spray, waterproof and oil-resistant. , Gently wipe with water or dipped in detergent to clean. The fruit basket is made of high-quality plastic material, which can be scrubbed with a brush dipped in water. Prompt removal of spoiled or damaged fruit to prevent contamination and damage to shelves is also often a consideration.

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