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How many kilograms can supermarket shelves bear?

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Supermarket shelves are commonly load-bearing. In modern society, shopping malls and supermarkets can be seen everywhere, and shelves can be seen everywhere. They make the entire supermarket look simpler and make products easier to find. So, when choosing metal shelves, do you know how much about shelves?

The load-bearing capacity of shelves may be an important issue that we are concerned about. If we buy a lightweight shelf that is not durable, and buy a one that is too heavy and does not have much effect, it will waste costs. Therefore, we need to choose according to the products we want to place. Generally, the thickness of the shelves is, with reinforcing ribs. The maximum thickness of the shelves can bear 50KG, The maximum load-bearing capacity of a 07mm laminated board is 60KG, and so on. When placing goods, it is necessary to place them evenly rather than in a single point arrangement. Of course, you can also have a larger load-bearing capacity. The laminated boards can be customized and designed according to your desired load-bearing capacity. Of course, the above numbers are all for shelves with a size of 900 * 700 * 1600mm and only one reinforced layer. Different layer sizes, lengths and widths, and the number of reinforcing bars will have an impact on load-bearing capacity.

Suzhou Yuanda conducted a destructive test today, and the 0.6mm laminate bears a weight of 200kg. Our laminate has not undergone any deformation, and we will continue to test how long it can withstand it. You can continue to follow our website.

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