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How Many Steps Do We Need To Take To Inspect The Storage Shelves

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This week, the customer conducted an inspection of the storage shelves at Suzhou Yuanda Shelf Factory. So, how many steps do we need to take to inspect the storage shelves?

Step 1: Confirm whether the received shelves are delivered in accordance with the order, with complete accessories, matching colors with the samples, and packaging meeting the requirements.

Step 2: Overall installation accuracy inspection of shelves

1. The vertical deviation of shelf pieces shall not exceed 10mm

2. The height deviation of the same level crossbeam is less than 10mm

3. The deviation between the center distance of the bottom column of adjacent shelf pieces is less than 2mm

Step: Surface treatment process

Black body - removing surface dirt - chemical rust removal - phosphating - spraying - high-temperature baking - packaging inspection and warehousing, with a coating thickness of 60 microns.


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