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Future development trend of shelf industry

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Most shelf companies are also aware that if they can fully exploit their advantages based on their own characteristics, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages, and formulate development strategies suitable for future market demand, the shelf industry will inevitably move towards an orderly track, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Enterprises in the shelf industry will increase their research investment in basic shelf technology. The main function of the shelf is to safely carry the load. In terms of mechanical design, it mainly refers to the technical standards for steel structures and cold-formed thin-walled steel sections. Currently, the product components of various shelf enterprises in China have different cross sections, which requires a large amount of experimental research on their respective product components. It is necessary to accurately determine the mechanical performance parameters of each structural node in order to determine various service conditions, Including calculation models for earthquake and accidental impact, to fully ensure the safety of the use of shelves.

2.There will be a large number of shelf enterprises that will break through the current product field and cultivate new market growth points in response to the negative impact on the shelf market demand in the next 1-2 years. In the upstream and downstream aspects of the industrial chain, some enterprises will do some professional supporting business in the shelf industry, especially those with relatively weak competitiveness will turn to providing accessories and some standardized products for shelf enterprises. Some powerful shelf companies will also be involved in the provision of products and services in the field of warehousing and logistics other than shelves, such as the informatization and automation of warehouse management.

3.Due to overcapacity in shelf enterprises, they will face more fierce competition. Only by continuously improving internal management and process improvement can the shelf industry reduce costs and improve quality.

4. The lack of product standards in the shelf industry has become an industry consensus. Everyone will pay more attention to and more enterprises will participate in the formulation and improvement of standards, especially for the use of shelves, including the formulation of standards for service life, which will bring more demand to the shelf industry.

Once the crisis is over and industrial enterprises develop rapidly, China will become the most potential market in the world.

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