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Electric Checkout Counter YD-R0002

ITEM NO. : YD-R0002
NAME: Electric checkout counter YD-R0002
Material: Stainless steel and steel
Usage: Supermarket,store,grocery,shopping mall
Color: Red,green,yellow,blue,gray (Customized colors)
Logo: Customized(Customer's logo can be printed)

The electric checkout counter is a new type of cash register with an electric belt in the front, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the cashier repeatedly carrying items back and forth.Electric Belt Checkout Counter Cash Desk for cash register stand, a retail store fixture, gives you a place to do your business exchanges with customers. Electric and automatic design, more convenient than traditional counter.When the goods reach the sensor, then the belt stops.For electronic with belt model the longth 2.2m at least, can customized according your shop dimension.Color and models also can customized.We have professional designer to offer you free 3D design and senior technician to choose the best proposal for you.We will provide you the installation guide book of the product.

It is made up of 0.8-1.5mm metal sheet and stainless steel board.The voltage can be 110V or 220V.The color of the cashier counter can be customized. It adopts high-temperature baking varnish process, electrostatic spray treatment, environmental protection, non-toxic, insulation stability and low friction, and it has the advantages that other coatings cannot compete.The edge of the cash register is made of aluminum alloy edging, which is used to prevent collisions. It has strong wear resistance and can greatly increase its service life. The bottom plastic enhances the friction on the ground and prevents movement during use.Several independent storage spaces under the desk of the cash register can meet the storage needs of different items. The storage space under the work surface is larger, and the panel can be adjusted up and down to facilitate storage and storage of items.The safety drawer is equipped with a high-quality lock, which is safe and secure. Put the payment inside and lock it when you walk away.The high-quality countertop is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean, and has a shallow guardrail design on the edge.The cash register is usually packed in cartons, and can also be packed in fumigation-free wooden boxes according to your requirements.


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