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Children Toy Trolley

ITEM NO. : YD-1007/YD-1008
NAME: Children Toy Trolley
SPECIFICATION: 1350*540*1050mm(Acceptable of required size)
Castors(inch): 4/5’’PU
Usage: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Store
Color: Customized Colors
Logo: Customized(Customer’s logo can be printed)

This children's car is beautiful, fresh and cute with contrast color matching and cartoon stickers. It is equipped with a shopping basket and has a larger capacity and can store more goods. The bottom is equipped with four wheels, which is more convenient to use. The shopping basket part adopts two types of plastic spraying and galvanizing. The surface is smooth and not rough, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion. The two children's fun carts have different types of shopping baskets, one is a deep basket shopping basket, and the other is a three-tiered shopping basket. Both shopping baskets have their own advantages. The deep basket type can store more Commodities, this kind is suitable for customers who need to buy more commodities, the layered can make the product placement clearer, this kind is suitable for customers who buy more types. The front part of the children's car is made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is non-toxic, harmless and non-irritating, which can ensure the safety of children. The outer side is equipped with a safety lock. After being locked, the child cannot open the door to prevent the child from falling out of the side door. The seat is also provided There are safety ropes and multiple protections further ensure safety. The surface of the children's car is brightly colored, the interior design of the car can rotate the steering wheel, and cartoon stickers are affixed inside and outside, which can further attract the attention of children and reduce the burden on adults. The whole vehicle is equipped with four silent casters, which makes the push and pull movement more convenient and labor-saving. This children's car is suitable for all kinds of large and small supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and other places. Can support customized services, customize different colors according to your needs, and customize your shop Logo on it.


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