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Application of storage cages

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Warehouse cages, also known as warehouse cages, are widely used in warehousing and logistics processes due to their high load-bearing capacity and strong plasticity.

The structural characteristics of the storage cage:

1. The multi-point welding structure ensures that the storage cage is sturdy and durable;

2. The pin structure ensures that the storage cage can also open the storage door when stacked together, making it easy to retrieve items

3. The bent metal handle is natural to hold and convenient to switch;

4. The spiral chain structure ensures that the storage cage can be folded when not in use to reduce space occupation

5. The hinge reinforcement structure helps to improve the strength of the storage cage compared to the chain,

6. The bottom is reinforced with U-shaped Bo steel to ensure the bearing capacity of the storage cage:

7. Metal reinforcement structure ensures the stability of storage cages stacked together

8. Special foot structure can ensure stable stacking height of the storage cage itself.

The usage characteristics of storage cages

International standardized logistics storage cages are widely used for the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products

Easy to operate, widely used, with a lifespan of up to ten years

Standard specifications, easy to store and manage.

Full of materials, can be stacked up to four layers high. Convenient storage, foldable and stackable, greatly reducing space occupation.

Equipped with forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks, casters, and front and rear traction tools, it can be widely used in various logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading material storage.

Warehouse cages are commonly used products in the turnover of logistics container units. Widely used in three-dimensional warehouses, production workshops, logistics distribution centers, and so on.

Advantages of using storage cages

Use warehouse cages to store goods with unified specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage, and easy inventory

Various handling equipment can be used for long-distance transportation, and it can be stacked into four layers to achieve three-dimensional storage. When empty cages are stored, they can be folded and stored, saving space. They are easy to use, with zinc treatment on the surface, resistant to corrosion in factories and outdoor environments, and have a long service life. They are made of strong steel bars and reinforced with U-shaped channel steel at the bottom, making the structure more sturdy. Cooperating with handling equipment, it is widely used in various logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, and storage to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Equipped with universal boards or cardboard in warehouse cages, it can effectively protect items that are prone to scratching the surface.

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