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Advantages and disadvantages of medium-sized butterfly hole shelves

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As a type of medium-sized shelves, the medium-sized butterfly hole shelf has the widest range of use among them. Compared with other medium-sized shelves, the medium-sized medium hole shelves have obvious advantages and disadvantages.

1、 Advantages of medium-sized butterfly hole shelves

Its biggest advantage is its high cost-effectiveness.

First of all, the column pieces of the medium-sized butterfly hole shelf are welded, and the strength required for the exposed bolt connection does not need to be considered, so the material requirements for the transverse slant support are low, which saves the cost of the transverse diagonal material.

Secondly, medium-sized butterfly hole shelves have a wide range of profile thicknesses, ranging from 0.8 to 2.0mm. For every 0.1mm or even 0.05mm difference, corresponding profiles can be found in the market. Therefore, when selecting materials, materials can be used very accurately according to load-bearing requirements, which reduces the amount of material needed and saves costs. Given the above two points, medium-sized butterfly holes and shelves have the advantage of cost-effectiveness.

2、 The main drawback of medium-sized butterfly hole shelves is the welding method of their column pieces. Firstly, it cannot be disassembled, and the transportation volume of the column pieces has increased, increasing transportation costs. Second, it chooses thinner cross slant support, which is easy to be damaged during transportation.

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