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4 Layers High Quality Display Supermarket Shelf


Introducing our professional-grade supermarket shelves, designed to meet all your retail display needs. With a focus on product details and durability, these shelves are built to last and provide optimal showcasing for your merchandise.

One of the key features of our supermarket shelves is their ability to stand strong and steady. By widening the base and increasing the contact area, these shelves are resistant to toppling over, ensuring the safety of both your products and customers. Additionally, the upgraded arm design includes end stops that securely hold the shelves in place, preventing accidental dislodging and minimizing the risk of items falling off.

To further enhance the strength and load-bearing capacity, we have reinforced the shelves with two widened and strengthened ribs. This ensures that even heavy items can be displayed with confidence, without compromising the stability of the entire shelving unit.

The shelves also come with a convenient snap-on back panel, which features a bent structure for easy and secure installation. This eliminates any wobbling or swaying of the overall shelving system, providing a reliable and sturdy display solution.

In order to deliver a high-quality product, we have carefully selected premium cold-rolled steel as the primary material for these shelves. This ensures a smooth and deformation-free surface, while also enhancing their resistance to wear and tear. We believe in using only the best materials to create a superior product that meets the demands of your supermarket environment.

Invest in our supermarket shelves and experience the difference in quality and functionality. With their attention to detail and robust construction, these shelves are the perfect choice for any retail setting. Trust in our commitment to providing top-notch products that exceed expectations and elevate your retail display.


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Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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