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12 volt heavy duty restaurant cash drawer


Presenting our expert grade cash cabinet, an essential equipment part in any monetary retail location framework. Intended to flawlessly incorporate with sales registers, receipt printers, or PCs by means of a driver box, this flexible money cabinet can be either coordinated with the sales register or utilized as a different module.

The essential capability of our money cabinet is to briefly safely store cash. With numerous compartments, it offers advantageous capacity for various divisions of banknotes and coins, guaranteeing productive money the executives.

Highlighting a hearty locking component, our money cabinet is accessible in two choices: two-lock and three-lock designs. The two-lock choice gives two locking positions - one to safely lock the money cabinet and the other to deliver it utilizing either a heartbeat sign or manual opening. This design guarantees that the money cabinet can't be opened with a key, making it ideal for manual money drawers.

With its proficient grade plan and solid usefulness, our money cabinet is the ideal answer for organizations looking for effective and secure money the board. Put resources into our money cabinet today and smooth out your monetary exchanges with certainty.

At present, the money boxes are all single drawers, with two parallel guide rails fixed on the bottom plate of the money box, and both sides of the drawers are set in the guide rails to achieve sliding. With the increasing application range of money boxes, one drawer can no longer meet the usage requirements, which requires money boxes with double drawers. In a money box, drawers need to be frequently opened and closed. How to set two drawers in the shell without interfering with each other is currently the main research topic for many money box developers.

To solve the above problems, the purpose of this utility model is to provide a double drawer money box with two drawers that do not interfere with each other.


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