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12 volt CE restaurant cash drawer


Due to the fact that the external components of the money box are all made of metal machines, apart from electromagnetic installation, deformation, rust, and aging are also the biggest culprits affecting the application of the money box. When reviewing hardware defects, users should grasp the "look" - inspection, "smell" - ear listening.

1. Money box line malfunction

The cash box and printer are connected by a cable, and the connection or disconnection of the cable will directly affect the cash box switch. The determination of the continuity of the wire is very simple, and users with prerequisites can use a multimeter diode range to measure the continuity of the wire or change the wire to determine.

2. Electromagnetic coil fault

The electromagnetic coil and firing pin are collectively referred to as relays, and relay faults can be determined by listening to the process first. Approaching the back of the cash box and sending instructions to open the cash box through the software, if you can hear the firing pin to explain the relay task, it may be due to external influence that the pop-up is not smooth. At this point, open the cash box to review the task situation of the relay, adjust the position of the striker or add a little lubricating oil to the connection between the striker and the iron core, and such problems can be fundamentally resolved. If it still cannot be handled, the relay may need to be replaced.

3. Spring and guide rail defects

The most important aspect of this type of problem is the powerful pop-up of the money box, and the initial review is whether the external spring force is sufficient and whether there is deformation. For springs that have undergone deformation, we can manually stretch them slightly to increase their elasticity. The only issue with the guide rail is to check whether the guide rail wheel can rotate freely and whether the guide rail frame is deformed. Clear the debris on the guide rail and add a little lubricating grease to the roller and guide rail to handle it.


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